The church is almost triangular in shape and symbolizes God's tent among us, as portrayed in Holy Scripture.
The clock tower on the left has on the top the Greek initials for Jesus (I ) and Christ (X) bound together (*). They are standing on a globe symbolizing the earth. The olive branch underneath is the symbol for peace, and typifies Jesus Christ bringing peace to the world. The belfry on the right is a messenger from heaven. It has its message engraved on the nine bells, and day after day keeps on conveying that message to grown-ups and children in Yamaguchi.
The interior of the church is a place for prayer. Light, pouring into the temple, filters down the stained glass windows changing colours all the time, and softly embracing the altar, with its very original design.

Clock tower

nine rings
Nine bells

Each of these nine bells, messengers of peace and happiness for all mankind, has its own engraved message to proclaim.