Main Ideas for Rebuilding Xavier's Church

  1. This church has been built to honour the memory of St. Francis XavierAwho first proclaimed the Gospel of love of Jesus Christ in Japan and left his footprints for ever on Japanese culture. This church will be a living witness to Xavier's faith, to be handed over to future generations.
  2. Xavier's Church must be a place where people feel the urge to pray, to praise God and give Him thanks.
  3. It should be a place that visitors cannot forget, a place they love and get familiar with, a sacred place that reminds them of things that are all-important to man.
  4. It should also be a place for young people to find new hope and meaning in their lives.

General Description

Height of towers (including cross on top)53m.
Height of front20m.
Middle-3F132 sq.m.
2F709 sq.m.
1F699 sq.m.
Site8.981 sq.m.
Total floor surface1.540 sq.m.
Building expenses1.800 million yen approx.

Church 2 F

1Altar2Lectern (for reading the Bible)
3Seat for officiating priest4Holy Sacrament chapel
5Pews6Baptismal font
9Holy water font10Elevator (for disabled visitors)
11Staircase to intermediate 3F12Vestibule
13Statue of Our Lady14Entrance

Memorial Museum 1F and Courtyard

15Christianity in general16Exhibits concerning Xavier
17Martyrs after Xavier's stay in Japan. Catholic Church in Japan 18Catholic Church after Meiji Restoration
19Book corner20Video
21Research corner22Entrance

Church 2F

interior of church



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Church 2F memorial museum 1F and Courtyard